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The RedSwipe solution consist of a suite of desktop and mobile software applications to let consumers signup for loyalty programs anonymously and manage them all in one place. Available for IOS, Android and Windows mobile. All your coupons, rewards and deals with you when you need them.
How RedSwipe Works
When you see the RedSwipe logo on a store's window, ask for a RedSwipe Master ID. You will need it to signup on this website or the RedSwipe mobile app. After you complete the quick signup process, use your RedSwipe Master ID or your smart phone at the cash register to earn rewards or redeem deals.

Your privacy will be protected and completely shielded from those businesses. Emails are never involved. RedSwipe is not affiliated with any credit card and the system DOES NOT capture, collect, or save any credit card information.
Benefits for Consumers
Why should you use RedSwipe? Signup now for rewards without SPAM or your personal information being sold over and over to businesses. Say no to spam, say yes to privacy, rewards and savings. Receive savings coupons, discounts and promotions from businesses you visit without being forced to provide any personal information to those businesses. Effortlessly capture, save and organize digital versions of your receipts for expense reports or tax time.
Smart Phone Apps
The FREE RedSwipe Smart Phone application is easy to use. It enables users to view, manage and redeem offers, discounts and rewards. Available for IOS and Android devices. Simply search for "Redswipe" and download and install. You will need to obtain a RedSwipe Master ID from a participating merchant to complete the installation.
Cloud Application
The RedSwipe cloud application is FREE. Use it to view all your rewards and deals using a browser if you do not have a smart phone. Signup and then login by selecting the buttons in the top right hand corner of this page. The cloud application has a clean look and is easy to use.

It has all the features of the mobile app plus more. The application allows users to manage receipts, coupons, discounts and rewards. Users can also generate Excel reports and export expense data to other applications.