Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use RedSwipe?
RedSwipe helps you avoid sharing your personal contact information with retailers and businesses. Finally, enjoy coupons and discounts without unwanted spam and save money.

2. How RedSwipe Works?
  • Obtain a RedSwipe swipe sticker from a local participating retailer
  • Register the sticker by signing up on this Website or via the RedSwipe mobile app
  • Make a purchase at a store - retailer will swipe the sticker and you will earn points towards rewards 
  • It's that simple !
  • Coupons and savings will  appear in your RedSwipe Inbox on the website or mobile app
3. How to get a RedSwipe swipe Sticker ? 
Look for the RedSwipe logo on a Window or door at the entrance of businesses. Ask your local retailers /businesses for RedSwipe even if they do not display the RedSwipe sign in their windows.

4. How much does it cost?

RedSwipe is FREE for consumers. 

5. Can I enter receipts manually?

Yes. When a retailer does not have RedSwipe and you want to capture a receipt into your RedSwipe account, you can enter receipts manually using a simple and easy to use form, however you will not be able to earn point since that business does not have our system. Only the businesses can credit your account to earn rewards.

6. Can I scan receipts into RedSwipe?
No. RedSwipe does not scan the receipts into your account. However, in the manual receipt capture mode, you can upload and attach an image of your actual receipt if you like.

7. Does RedSwipe display banner ads?

RedSwipe does not display advertising banners or popup windows with ads.  

8. Do I need a sticker for each store?

No. You only need one. Once you have received a swipe sticker, and you have completed the registration with RedSwipe,  you can use the same sticker over and over at any store that has RedSwipe.